AI-Powered Customer Support for Small and Medium Businesses

Unlock the Power of AI and reduce your Customer Support spend by up to 50%.
Transform your customer support with EdgarBot, the cutting-edge AI solution tailored for small and medium businesses. Experience increased productivity, cost savings, and improved customer satisfaction with our advanced large language model artificial intelligence.

Why Choose EdgarBot?

Designed for Small and Medium Businesses:

We understand the unique needs and challenges of growing businesses. Our AI-powered solution is built to provide excellent ROI at a reasonable price, unlocking the power of Large Language Models to smaller businesses

Impressive ROI:

Get a return on investment of up to 450% with EdgarBot. Our AI-driven customer support solution saves you time, resources, and money

Empathetic Human-like Responses:

EdgarBot responds to customer inquiries with understanding and empathy, ensuring a high-quality, personalized support experience.

Always Available:

Provide exceptional support 24/7/365. Handle demand, seasonality, and growth without spiraling costs.

Multi-channel Support:

Reach your customers wherever they are - email, web forms, social media, WhatsApp, and more. We integrate with your existing customer support software for seamless communication.

Context-based, Personalized Replies:

Each response crafted by EdgarBot is based on the context and history of your customer's inquiry. No simple copy/pasting from a database.

Native Integration:

Deploy EdgarBot effortlessly on your existing helpdesk and business systems. Get started quickly and easily without the need for extensive training or setup.

How EdgarBot Works

Ticket Answering & Classification:

EdgarBot answers support emails and sorts them into advanced categories, streamlining your workflow.

Integration with Zendesk:

EdgarBot currently integrates with Zendesk, with plans to expand to other platforms like Hubspot and Freshdesk.

24/7 AI Chatbot:

Reduce customer support costs even more with our AI chatbot, which provides self-service support based on your existing knowledge base.

Upcoming Features:

Enhance Your Customer Support
Experience Even Further

EdgarBot is constantly evolving to provide you with the best possible customer support experience. Look forward to these exciting features in the near future:

Article Creation:

EdgarBot will generate customer support articles based on solved tickets, ensuring your knowledge base stays up-to-date and comprehensive.

Quality Evaluation:

Receive in-depth reports analyzing the quality of answers provided by your support reps, empowering you to make informed improvements.

Intelligent Auto-Answering:

During high-volume periods, EdgarBot will automatically handle tickets it confidently knows how to address, keeping your support system efficient.

Personalized Context:

EdgarBot will recall each client's ticket history, enabling it to reference previous interactions (even dating back months or years) and provide more tailored responses.

Customer Profiling:

Gain insights into each client's behavior with autogenerated profiles that highlight key characteristics, such as their level of engagement or potential concerns.

Ticket History Summaries:

EdgarBot will summarize a client's ticket history, making it easy for reps to access relevant information before responding.

Discover the Potential Savings

Explore the potential savings with EdgarBot using our interactive Savings Calculator. Input your numbers and see the results instantly.

EdgarBot Savings Calculator

Visualize EdgarBot in Action

View our Flowchart to see how EdgarBot interacts with your customer support system and generates responses seamlessly.

Experience the Interactive Demo

Try our Interactive Chat Demo to see EdgarBot in action and get a hands-on understanding of its capabilities.

Flexible, Cost-Effective Pricing

Our pricing model is based on volume, with no long-term contracts, minimum costs, or setup fees. EdgarBot costs a fraction of what a human agent would, making it an affordable solution for small and medium businesses.

Risk-Free Implementation

Qualified customers can enjoy a 2-month free trial. If you're not satisfied, we'll deactivate EdgarBot without any charges. If you decide to continue, you'll be billed for the first 2 months and monthly thereafter.

Developed by Industry Experts

EdgarBot is brought to you by Active Powered, a trusted marketing automation company with over 1,000 clients across Italy since 2016.

Security & Privacy

Your data is never stored on our servers and is deleted immediately after generating an answer, ensuring data protection compliance.

Ready to Transform Your Customer Support?

Get started with EdgarBot today and experience the future of customer support powered by AI.
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